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Faith Bethelard

How Developing a ‘Tenderness Consciousness’ Can Change Your Life.

It’s April, 2020. Spring Equinox has passed. I am in Southeastern Pennsylvania, where Spring has sprung early. On a leisurely walk with my friend yesterday I was rewarded with a magnificent feast for the senses: daffodils, forsythia and magnolia blossoms preening happily, showing off their beauty and strength. Though I live in New York City […]

Faith Bethelard

Tending Your ‘Garden’ in the Time of the Pandemic

The Coronavirus has provided us a crash course in tenderness consciousness. There is a near global shut down of day to day life with widespread concern for oneself, our loved ones, and apprehension about the future. Human beings have never faced a fear of the unknown so collectively. What we do know is that the […]